Paintings & Art with sensitivity, connection and relationship with nature and spiritual life. Art for yoga, meditation, sacred ceremonies and shamanic rituals.


Between Heaven and Earth (2018-2019).

12 paintings representing the journey of the Soul from Birth to Transcendence, passing through the 12 energies that inhabit everything, the 12 signs of the zodiac. From Aries to Pisces.


The Kiva

The Kiva is inspired by the ancestral ceremony called La Kiva, original of the Northern tribes. A big hole in the earth, with a central fire. Grandfathers and grandmothers from all directions invoking the same prayer “The Healing of Mother Earth, and the happiness of all beings that inhabit it”.
8 Squares that are a prayer to the integration of all cultures given hand in hand in a single chant. “We are all family”.


The Beings of the Landscape; inner meditations.

The Beings of the Landscape is a serie that is born from the deep study of life that Brahma has made in his walk. A living sample of the relationship that exists between the exterior and interior landscape.

Nature Sacred Art


See in our body, the living reflection of Mother Nature.
See in each entity of Nature, the personification and the being that inhabits it.
To enter into relationship, to establish a link, to be part of it and to merge with it.

When the veins become river, the Tree reads the memories of the leaves flying in the wind, when the ideas (of our mind) break the eggs to be born, the flowers become butterflies flying that open the path of the new being towards the light. To be born, to die and to be born again.

Nature Sacred Art is connect with Nature through its visual codes and recognize the spirit that manifests itself through its multiple forms.

Nature is a great source of inspiration, it contains a great wisdom and a great beauty, it is a Poetry where everything is manifested from the simplest. When I walk through it, when I observe the rain, when the sun falls on the immense sea… that is when a direct relationship is established. I can hear in it the words that draw the path, create direct analogies with my own life. The dialogue appears, the link, and it is there, where the spirit that inhabits us and allows us to link appears.

“Not only do I need the Sun to see, it takes the Spirit to feel what I see.”

As above, so below. As without, so within. I am part of you, as you are part of me. There is no separation, we are all one, we are all family.

In this great fabric there are multiple relationships, as between Heaven and Earth and us, as well as with the Moon and the Sun, the Stars, the Seeds, the Plants, the Bees… we are a great communion. The relationship with the environment is absolutely essential. We are part of this great Landscape and it is in this Sacred space where we can live in harmony.
Thus, Nature Sacred Art is an invitation to recognize the Environment as something Sacred, natural and integrated into our lives.

About the Work

This can be appreciated in what refers to the form and concept of the works, which use an organic visual language that refers us to nature.

The coexistence of the macro and the micro, a world within another world, a space that allows the possibility of perceiving the unlimited within a limit, or vice versa (the limit could give way to the unlimited).
Everything plays around the same concepts; integration and continuity. These concepts can be appreciated in Nature and can be seen in the simplest of things, for example: the journey of Water.

It is important to emphasize that the word, the poetry, is not only an accompaniment to the work. It is part of the image and plays with it. It is just another stroke, the letter is a drawing, it creates a texture and has its own visual value.

The poetry that is integrated into the work also plays with the concept mentioned, seeking to break, break or disrupt the concept of reality, to open and expand the mind to other visions or ways of seeing reality … something that seems contradictory, may not be…. something that seems separating, could generate union … it seems a utopia, but it is a reality. We believe that everything is born and dies, but everything is infinite.

“There is no sea that separates us, there is rather an ocean that unites us” – Water creates bridges.



Leonel Calero, Brahmasamhita das, is a visual artist born in 1975 in Lima, Peru, where he studied fine arts at the National School of Lima.

From a very young age he could be found with pencils, colors and drawings in his hands. In his journey, literature and poetry were always a great source of inspiration for him.
The journey was, in the development of his career as an artist, the threshold that has opened the doors of his visual imaginary, of his conscience, of his relationship with life, Nature and the spiritual.

Brahmasamhita is committed to Sacred and Conscious Art. In his archetypal language, Leonel Calero, plays a lot with symbolism, explores the relationship of the Human Being with Nature and his Spirit, framing concepts of continuity and integration in his works.
Framed within the Visionary Art, Brahmasamihta has been part of multiple galleries of Visionary Art in Germany, Hungary, Spain and Ecuador in solo and group exhibitions.

Now, he lives with his wife and two children in the mountains of southern Ecuador. Together, they have opted for a simple lifestyle, in full contact with nature, where they can bet on the development of a conscious and natural life. Their time is spent accompanying the growth of their two children, sharing in community for spiritual awareness and developing and expanding art. Together they nurture this beautiful project, Nature Sacred Art, which seeks to balance the service of expanding art and its profound message with that of preserving the life of a family.

Day by day, they remain committed to art, integrating it as their service and invoking the expansion and growth of their project.



Nature is a great fabric where all the strands are interwoven. A great space that harbors even what might seem to be great contradictions, integrating them harmoniously and complementarily. We could not separate light from shadow in a landscape (because one highlights the beauty of the other), just as we could not separate background from form, or space from time, yin and yang, masculine – feminine, day – night, up – down …. matter and spirit.
Religion comes from the Latin “religare”, which means to unite, as well as Yoga which means to connect….. Nature Sacred Art shows us a vision of the sacred of integration in Nature – Union in diversity.
This simple and profound aphorism “We are all family” taught to us by grandfathers and grandmothers from different ancestral traditions, allows us to transcend differences. This spirit of integration is inherent to the human being, as a collective group that is also part of this great fabric of Creation.

We are part of this great landscape.